Organize for Democracy-D20

Come Join Us! We’re the District 20 Caucus. Led by precinct officials who represent the Democratic Party throughout the District and supported by volunteers.

Maryland's District 20 precinct organization needs volunteers for the upcoming elections!

Are you looking to be active in democratic politics? Are you a Democrat living in lower Montgomery County, MD? Would you like to organize your neighborhood to campaign and vote in the elections? We need leaders and volunteers.

Please contact us to get involved at

Precinct officials are the volunteer neighborhood organizers of the Democratic Party.

Precinct officials maintain a year-round grassroots presence in each precinct, registering and welcoming new voters, educating residents during the primary and the general elections, distributing Democratic Party material at each polling place, and assisting in the annual grassroots fundraising effort, the Dollars Drive.

Precinct officials also have a direct voice in the local and state Party through various means.

Applicants must be residents of District 20. You can determine your precinct by checking on the MD Board of Election website 

Learn more about the Official Role of the Precinct Official.

The application for new applicants is on the  website.